Your Company IT Score

Invest a few minutes of your time to complete our IT survey and receive your custom IT score. Use as a starting point for further discussion or contact us to schedule your free, 30 minute consult to discuss your results.

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1. How many people in your office have dedicated desktop/laptop computers?

What’s the average age of your equipment?

2. Are your telephones on a Centrex System or do you have a Phone System in-house?

Centrex System

Phone System

3. Are you on Pop 3 e-mail or an Exchange Server?

Pop 3 e-mail

Exchange Server

4. Do you host your own e-mail or have someone host it for you?

My own e-mail

Someone hosts it

5. What PC operating systems do you have in use (Windows XP, Windows 7/8, MAC OS, other)?

6. Do any employees have voicemail now? If so, how many?

7. Not counting SmartPhones, how many cell phones do you have in your business?

How many people use Blackberry/Windows Mobile/iPhone/Android?

8. Are you aware of a service regarding your cell phone account called Optimization?



9. What wireless carrier are you with?





10. How many sites/locations does your business have with Internet?

11. Do you have a central server that houses application data and other critical business information?

12. Is your server backed up daily?

Is it backed up off-site?

13. Do you have a firewall(s) in place? If so, what type, who manages it and what type of applications are running through it?

14. What virus scanning software do you use?

15. Is it up to date?



16. Is your network supported?




17. Do any of your employees work out of home or away from the office? If so, how many?

18. If you had access to technology that would make it easier, would more employees work away from the office?

19. Do you have a web site?



Is it up to date?

Does it portray your business accurately?

20. Would you be interested in a formal Technology Assessmentl?




CDS staff were impressed with the professionalism and courtesy that your staff showed while making the necessary changes to our server. Again, on behalf of our entire organization, a heart-felt Thank You.

- Judy Duffy
Administration Officer,
Career Development Services Inc.